Corinne Clinch

Corinne Clinch

Award-Winning Entrepreneur Seeking a Role in PM, Consulting, or Business Development



I'm an award-winning social entrepreneur and biomedical engineer who combines tech commercialization, social engagement, and user-centered design to solve humanitarian problems. I'm looking for full-time work, prioritizing stability, purpose, and potential for professional growth. I want to stay here in San Juan, PR, whether that means commuting on the island or working remotely.

I have been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and technical innovator.

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I co-founded my social enterprise Rorus while completing my Master's in biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University at the age of 21. In 3 years, we raised over $1M, researched and patented new water filter designs, conducted cross-cultural usability testing, and sold 4,000 water filters for households in India.

I recently moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico in February 2018 to work and consult in the growing blockchain ecosystem here.


My greatest professional ambition is to eliminate a disease, anything from rotavirus to bipolar disorder, or even a cultural affliction such as human trafficking. After forging my own path at a startup for more than 3 years, I'm seeking the mentorship, structure, and potential reach offered by a larger company. 

I enjoy planning a course of action and iterating rapidly as new information and obstacles arise. I am good at identifying risks, mitigating issues through learning or collaboration, and incorporating ideas from team members. My most exceptional strength is inspiring collaboration between disparate groups, such as engineering and business units or between for-profit and nonprofit initiatives.

I'm passionate and conversant about data-driven efforts at each level of human development:

  1. Self Actualization: mindfulness and early-childhood education

  2. Esteem: economic development and employment opportunities

  3. Belongingness: community building and cultural acceptance

  4. Safety: human rights, freedom, and blockchain applications for security

  5. Physiology: public health, medical devices, and emergency preparedness


"While most employees visited tourist attractions [in Ghana], Cori spent her free time in local villages playing soccer and cooking with the community. Her combination of natural empathy and pragmatism directed the project to satisfy the end user's needs and constraints. These traits are critical to her specialty: the creation of technically superior solutions with the right social context for widespread adoption.” 

Scott Andes, Water Project Manager

"If I could only use just one word I would chose 'courageous.' Not a stubborn, self-serving, self-aggrandizing courage, but a hunger-for-growth, strength-though-vulnerability, finding-my-way, question-everything-including-myself kind of courage. And that's beautiful."

Jeff Mikula, President of New Dimensions in Learning